Fine for non-paidparking – from 1000 to 3000 rubles.

Placingvehicles is paid and requires fullpayment in advance of all time of parking session.
Parking session can be terminated incase of payment via SMS, Mobile Application or User Account at

Sendan SMS to the number 3116

We do NOT accept payments from credit and corporate mobile tariffs.

  • To make a payment, please send an SMS to 3116 with text: p66*zone_number*license_plate_number*number_of_hours (Example: p66*201*А123АА96*3) (1).
  • To prolong your current parking session – with text p66*x*number_of_hours (Example: prolong for 2 hours – p66*x*2).
  • To terminate your current parking session – with text p66*c.

Theamount of unused parking time returns to your anonymous parking account that becreated automatically when you send a SMS.

You can enter uppercase andlowercase, Latin and Russian symbols.

Makesure that you received SMS-report with confirmation.

If youpay for parking via SMS, the minimum payment time is 1 hour. _______________________________________________

1 -  Cost of 1 hour of parking = 30 rubles. Fordetails about the commission, contact your mobile operator.

  1. To pay for parking session via your mobile phone, you should confirm the request of your mobile operator for money withdraw.
  2. After the first payment was done, the user automatically gets a parking account.
  3. The funds for parking charges are debited from mobile account and reserved for parking account.
  4. Tariffication – each minute.
  5. In case of early termination of the parking session, the rest of unused funds saved on the parking account and can be used to pay for the following parking sessions. 

·        Mobile operator takes a commission fromthe User for parking payment - 8%.

·        Mobile operators have some restrictions: 

    • МТС

      • § Min. one-time payment – 1 rubl.

        § Max. one-time payment  – 14 999 rubl.

        § Number of payments per day – no more than 5.

        § Max. amount of payments per day 30 000 rubl.

        § Max. amount of payments per month  40 000 rubl.

        § Min. mobile credit after the payment — 10 rubl.

        Some offers of"Super MTS" and "Super Nol'" do not support the service (the information about theservice availability can be checked with the company, more details here).

        There is a restrictionfor incomplete transactions (you cannot make another request if the previous isnot finished).

        The following optionsshould be off on your tariff: “Prohibition on advanced payment refund"and/or “Prohibition on the clients data transmission to thirdparties”.

        To pay for parking neithercredits and bonuses, nor any promotional resources and discounts for MTS mobileservices can be used.

        MTS charges extra for each successful transaction – 10 rub.

        Source - .

    • Мегафон

      • § Min. one-time payment – 1 rubl.

        § Max. one-time payment  — 5 000 rubl.

        § Max. amount of payments per day — 15 000 rubl.

        § Max. amount of payments per month  — 40 000 rubl.

        § Min. mobile credit after the payment  — 10 rubl.

        Theservice is available to all “Megafon” subscribers, except legal persons andsubscribers using the credit system.

        Subscriberis not available to conduct the payment by funds credited to a personal accountin the form of discounts on Operator's services or received from subscriberswithin the service "Mobile transfer", as well as by the advancepayment made by the Subscriber in the contract for the provision oftelecommunications services with the Operator.

        Theservice can not be used under financial blocking of the number. By using theservice "Mobile Payments", you agree to the terms of use.


    • Билайн

      • ·        The minimum one-time payment – 10 rubl.

        ·        The maximum one-time payment – 5 000rubl.

        ·        The maximum sum of payments per day – 15000 rubl., no more than 10 transactions.

        ·        The maximumpayment per week – 30 000 rubl., no more than 20 transactions.

        ·        The maximumpayment per month – 30 000 rubl., maximum 50 transactions.

        ·        The minimumamount of cash balance at User account after payment — 50 руб.

        Thepayment is available from the moment you spend 150 rubles on communicationservices.

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