Parking meter

Fine for non-paid parking– from 1000 to 3000 rubles.

Fine fornon-paidparking – from1000 to 3000 rubles.

Placingvehicles is paid and requires fullpaymentin advance of all time ofparking session.
Parking session can be terminated incase ofpayment via SMS, Mobile Application or User Account at

Parking meter DOES NOT accept cash. Youare not able to terminate parking sessionif you paid for parking via Parking meter.  

  1. In the main menu of the parking meter select “Pay for parking”;
  2. Confirm the number of the parking zone and enter the needed one (Attention! Par default, the number is shown of the parking zone where the parking meter is located);
  3. Insert the vehicle’s license plate number (for example, А123АА66);
  4. Indicate the desired length of the parking session;
  5. Make the payment by credit card or transport card.

Payment can be done via:

1. Bank card:

  • Insert or apply your credit card into the designated area of the park meter;
  • Insert you pin-code;
  • Confirm the payment;
  • Take your credit card and save the receipt

 2. Е-card (electronicwallet):

  • Apply the card to the validator (wait till the transaction is finished, it can take up to 5 seconds);
  • The card will be debited with the amount corresponding to the indicated parking time;
  • To check the balance on you card, select the option “Balance” in the main menu of the park meter.

 You cannot use E-card with:

    1.1. Tariff "Unlimitedmonthly pass"

    1.2. " Limited Pass for 60 days " (20/40/70 transits).

    1.3.Privileged/social Е-cards.

3.  Transport cards issued by partner banks:

The location of parking meters is availableon

To buy and top up E-card:


 Points ofreception of payments ООО "ERC – Finansovayalogistika"
Kiosk "Rospechat"
Metro ticket office

Topup Е-card:

Points of reception of payments ООО "ERC – Finansovaya logistika"
ОАО «Bank Yekaterinburg»
Liaison offices of FSUE "Mail of Russia"
Cash TelePay ООО "YCiPS"