Mobile application

User Manual for mobile application "Parking of Yekaterinburg"for users of paid parking spaces in Yekaterinburg

1. About mobile application

Mobileapplication «Parking of Yekaterinburg» was designed for search and payment forcity parking in Yekaterinburg. The application allows to:

  • Find different types of parking;
  • Get an additional information about parking (name, address, cost, capacity, location, etc.);
  • The route from the user's location to the parking;
  • Pay for parking online;
  • Early terminate parking session online;
  • Prolong parking session online;
  • Review the current parking sessions;
  • Review the history of payments;
  • Review the history of previously paid vehicles;
  • Manage your parking account (view the current state, top up), etc.

1.1. System requirements

Mobileapplication “Parking of Yekaterinburg” is available for such operating systemsas:

Youare able to download the application from AppStore, Google Play andMarketPlace.

1.1.1. Mobileapplication “Parking of Yekaterinburg” for iOS

Mobileapplication “Parking of Yekaterinburg” for iOS is available at AppStore forfree. To install the application, iOS 6.1 or later version are required. Theapplication is compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. This application isoptimized for iPhone 5, 6.

Picture 1 – Interface of mobileapplication «Parking of Yekaterinburg» for iOS

1.1.2  Mobile application «Parking ofYekaterinburg» for Android

Mobileapplication for Android is available at Googleplay. To install the application,Android 2.2 or latest version are required.

Thefollowing information is required for the application:

1. Location:

  • Approximate location (based on network);
  • Exact location (based on network and GPS).

2. Photos / Media / Files:

  • changing/deleting the data at USB;
  • testing the access to secure storage.

3. Wi-Fi-connection:

  • review Wi-Fi connections.

4. Other:

  • browse network connections;
  • unlimited access to Internet.

Aftereach updating of the mobile application (currently available the latest version1.08), set of the permissions of "Parking Yekaterinburg" may beextended.

Picture 2 – Interface of mobileapplication «Parking of Yekaterinburg» for Android

1.1.3. Mobile application «Parking of Yekaterinburg» for Windows Phone

Mobileapplication «Parking of Yekaterinburg» for Windows Phone can be download fromMarketPlace for free. To install the application, Windows Phone 8, 8.1 orlatest version are required. 

Picture 3 – Interface of mobileapplication «Parking of Yekaterinburg» for Windows Phone

2. How to work with mobile application

Letus consider the example of work with mobile application «Parking ofYekaterinburg» for iOS version 1.2.3.

2.1 The start page

Thestart page contains a city map with parking (signsand parking meters (signs ).

Picture 4 – Start page of mobileapplication

2.2 Authorization and registration

In orderto use all functions of the application, you have to register or log in (

Inorder to get to authorization menu, press the button “Log in” on the start page(picture 4).

Authorizationmenu contains the following fields:

  • E-mail (login for authorization);
  • Password.

Authorizationmenu has 2 buttons: «Log in» и «Register».

Picture 5 – Authorization menu

Whenpressing the button «Register», user automatically will be forwarded to the registrationform, where the following information is required:

  • email;
  • password;
  • confirm password;
  • phone;
  • name;
  • last name;
  • sex.

Notice! All fields, including the phone number,are compulsory (your phone number has to be attached to your parking account).

Picture 6 – Registration menu

Youhave to confirm registration by e-mail first, and then by SMS code that  will be automatically sent to you phone number.

2.3 Main menu

Themain menu content the following information:

  • phone number, indicated at registration;
  • parking account balance;
  • button «Top up»;
  • page «Map»;
  • page «Current parkings»;
  • page «Payments»;
  • page «My vehicles»;
  • button to the page with information about payment methods;
  • button to exit form mobile application.

    Picture 7 – Main menu

    2.3.1 Balance

    Inthe main menu, the current balance is displayed. To top up the balance, press thebutton «Top up». After pressing the button, enter the amount in a form andconfirm the payment by pressing “Pay”. 

    Picture 8 –Top up balance

    Balance top up takes place by debiting the mobilephone account to parkingaccount.

    Balancecan be topped up for any amount more than 10 rubles. In the future, funds atparking account (balance) can be used to pay for parking only.

    2.3.2 Map

    Themap page contains location of paid parking (signs and parking meters (sign ). Whenpressing the button, the more detailed information about parking zone willappear:

    • number of parking zone;
    • parking location;
    • price per hour;
    • capacity (number of parking lots).

      Picture 9 - Map

      2.3.3 Current parkings

      Ifyour car is parked in the paid parking zone and time for parking session hasnot expired yet, in the "Current Parking" menu you can see how muchtime is left before the end of the parking session, as well as to terminate orprolong the session.

      Incase of early termination of the parking session, the unspent funds will returnto the parking account.

      Picture 10 – Current parkings

      2.3.4 Payments

        In the menu "Payments" history of previous paymentsis accessible. Here you can see the amount of funds are debited from theaccount of the parking and the refund amount in case of early termination ofthe parking session.

      Picture 11 - Payments

      2.3.5 My vehicles

      In themenu «My vehicles» you can review LPN of previously paid vehicles from thecurrent parking account.

      Picture 12 – My vehicles

      2.3.6 Pay for parking

      Tomake a payment for parking session you have to press the button “Pay forparking. After, you will see the form with the following fields:

      • number of parking zone;
      • license plate number;
      • number of hours.

        Picture 13 – Pay for parking

        Youhave to indicate the integer number of hours.

        Afterfilling all fields, press the button “Pay”. The funds will be debited from the parkingaccount. If there are not enough funds on your parking account, you have to topit up and then make a payment.